Design & Standards

Because of protection and improvement quality productions, Colorab Co. has used standards as designing and accounting reference as by following:

Colorab company has considered below standards as designing and calculated references in order to prevent and improve production’s quality.

Protection of American biologic environment standard designing and calculation process structure
U.S.EPA – United State Environmental Protection Agency
Designing and calculating of tanks, mechanic and utilities structure.
APIAmerican Petroleum InstituteASMEAmerican Society of Mechanical Engineering
AWSAmerican Welding SocietyASTMAmerican Society for Testing Materials
BSIBritish Standard InstituteDINDoutsches Institute fur Normung

Designing and calculating of constructions and experiments structure.
ASTMAmerican Society for Testing MaterialsACIAmerican Concrete Institute
DINDoutsches Institute fur NormungASTMAmerican Institute Steel Construction
Iran concrete regulation
Designing and calculating of electricity structure.
VDEVerband Deutscher Elektrotechniker