Major Experience

Main project which has done in Iran

Dem_water & Industry water Treatment     

Execute Concrete Projects

Fiberglass Company Iran (Shiraz)  Oil Industry research place
 Mahshad Company Yazd (Industry Yazd City)  Sahar dairy products Company
 Paper Mill Company Kahrizak  Noor Zhaleh Company
 Industry & Cultivation Company Razan Dasht & Bina  Razan  Gahan Kymia – Afshan Company
 Pars Decoration Company (Abhar)  Gahan medical Industry Company
 Fibers Company (Tehran)  Gamil product Company
   Golsar Green Company
 Make Industry Tanks Execute
 Chemical Pashian Company:
 Make Acid Tanks with capacity 1000 (lit)
    Make Alcohol Company Khoramshahr:
 Montage-line make Industry Tanks with capacity 1000-250000 (lit)
  International Exhibition Tehran, Khodrosazan Company & Ahrar group make Atmospheric Tanks
 Tanks with capacity 7000 (lit)
 Water and wastewater Company Ilam:
 Make Pressure Tanks with capacity 8000 (lit) & The Test Pressure 40 (bar) & to thickness 24 (mm) with Pressure 22 (bar), sheet type SA-516 Grade 70, design & presentation plans make & test according to ASME Standard
 Bon Avar- Nipik Cooperation:
 Make Regent Tanks, Midok design to St 37-2 sheet with 6,8 mm thickness according to QCTM recipe and Sand Blast, Color, Paint and RT, PT test and also presentation WPS for Butt Welding, Fillet  Welding
 Make Storage & Fuel Tanks with 1000-10000 (lit)
 X-ray & presentation Certificate
 Make Industrial Reactor with Internal or External heat exchangers & Mixers
Heat & Industrial Wastewater Treatment
Food Industries Weaving Industries
 Mofidan Company (Produce Sausage)  Baloch Baft Company Iranshahr
Industry Cultivation Giroft Company Shahriar (Produce Potato past, Sauce, Conserve, Juice)  Chit Factories Company Rey
 Sogol Company Shahriar (Produce Fleshy Product)  Ahrar group Weaving Industrial Company
 Golestan Company Dezfool (Vegetable Oil )  Pile Company
 Pars Naseh Company (Produce Sausage)  Atlas Pod Company
 Faliz Company (Produce Sausage, Hen and Hamburger)  Mad Baft Company
Mahya Fooding Company (Produce Potato past, Juice, Conserve,  Sauce, Sourness)  Chaprang Company
Nejati Industry group Company Anata (Produce Biscuit, Chocolate)  Alvand String Company
 Raspina Company (Produce Sausage)  Product Company Tehran
 Mahshad Company Yazd (Produce Starch)  Pars Takmil Company
   Ractivecar Company Tehran
Cities Industrial Company Tehran  Rampar Company
Wastewater Treatment rest Charmshahr Varamin & Salarieh  Shadilon Company
   String Company Mashhad
Chemical & Metal Plating Industries  Tarpaulin Company Abhar
 Health Valve Industrial-Produce CompanySholeh Company & Small Industries Company to prepared Package
 Jebal Company 
 Salice Company  
 Print Soltan Company Soap making Industries
 Pars House-equipments Company Product Industrial Company, Tehran-Parand (Abrisham soap)
 Mohreh Sazan Company  
 Hard Cationic Crum Company Slaughter house Industrial
   Ghognuse Paran Slaughter house
Dairy Product Industries  Kooshan Tyoor Slaughter house
 Kyto Company  Malayer Slaughter house
 Mesh Kat Company  Paik Slaughter house
 Pak Ban dairy products Company  Islam Fajr Slaughter house
 Shir Kordan Company  
 Poyan Milk Industrial Company Make Alcohol Industries
 Razan Dasht & Bina Razan Company  Make Alcohol Company Khoramshahr
  Make Paper Industries
   Paper Mill Kahrizak