Colorab Co.

Our country, IRAN, with increasing population and the country’s development in industry and also peoples knowing about individual and environmental sanitary, the increasing consumed of water and reversion of wastewater to the cycle of ecosystem, especially in these recent decade, is seen.

This reason has increased involvement between experts and colleagues in water industry with problems that are related to import the quality of consumed water and treatment of wastewater, all in all in order to protect society and environment sanitary.

Because of all, The founders of Colorab that are expert in water industry in order to have the positive influence in developing water and wastewater industry in Iran, found themselves to learn modern knowledge  and settling private factory in this field for the technique services to society.

Therefore, since 1350, the basis foundation was firmed and also, Colorab Company began it’s activity in 1364 formally.

And also, Colorab Company has received Industry activity certificate, Standards and equipment utilities of water and wastewater certificate from Industrial Department, cooperative society water and wastewater companies certificate, water and wastewater companies syndicates certificate, and International institute concrete (ACI) certificate branches of commerce on Industrial and Mines Department improvement in this Industry with the other colleagues for duty to society and not to be needed to foreign Industry.