In recent years, the use of packing media has been expanding day by day due to its high contact area with low volume and as a result of increasing the efficiency of wastewater treatment, especially in biological methods of adhesion growth.

These packings are produced from the best materials and mainly in the form of light blocks with a very durable structure in various designs in the form of honeycombs and oval combs with vertical, cross and diagonal channels.

Application and consumables of media packages are:
Contact bed in gasification towers
-As a current ripple in sedimentation and degreasing tanks

  • As a filler bed for wastewater treatment reactors
  • Heat exchange bed in cooling towers

Advantages of plastic packing

  • High specific surface area per low volume unit
  • High resistance to UV rays and corrosion agents
    -Light weight, high strength, ease of transportation

Packing Media
The use of adhesive growth process in aerobic and anaerobic systems by stabilizing microorganisms on the packing and biofilm formation increases the mass of the biomass in the adhesive and suspended form, while increasing bioremediation reduces the required volume of treatment.

In the improvement of aerobic systems, by installing Biofix media (advanced research), the capacity of the treatment plant can be increased several times, or the treatment plants that have problems can be upgraded and optimized.

In anaerobic bioreactors such as UASB, by installing biofix media (advanced research) in part or all of the reactor volume, in addition to increasing the capacity, the bioreactor can be made resistant to organic, hydraulic, chemical and thermal shocks and sludge escape.

Prevented. It is clear to everyone that if the sludge escapes from the anaerobic reactors due to the low growth rate (yield) of anaerobic microorganisms, it will take months for the bioreactor to return to its original desired state.

Applications of this media packing Increase the capacity of existing treatment plants, optimize working bioreactors and make them resistant to organic-thermal and hydraulic shocks, remove nitrate from drinking water biologically, remove ammonia from fish farms and increase its capacity , Liquid and gas contact towers, degassing towers and cooling towers and many more

Advantages: Packing Media Packing Media

  1. The most advanced media produced in the world
  2. It is designed in such a way that the parts are assembled to each other and to any volume.
  3. The whole bed is available equally.
  4. There is no dead space.
  5. No problem with clogging and no need for backwash.
  6. The stream has no chance of being channeled at all
  7. Suitable for all aerobic and anaerobic processes.
  8. Has a very high contact level.

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