Microbicide Water

    Though in physical treatment and filtrate water, some of alive creatures and bacteria are separated from it but for confidence of unpolluted water, especially in drinking water and public usage, Microbicide is a necessity and main action.

Chlor feed systems in different capacity and to point of action situation explain in two types (Fluid & Gas) that they are under:

 Chlor Fluid Feed System

 In this method; Chlor that is solute in fluid by Fider Pump that is erected on the solution or mixer tank for two couple of tanks or single tank with the other tools such as filter, control panel, feed injector, sucked valve, hale valve and other valves are injected to specific paint.

 Chlor Gas Feed System

    In this method Chlor with %99 purity is injected as gas. Therefore, the design and equipment should be collected and done that safety standard observance, we get the most efficiency action.

In design of this system, we use the following equipments:

  •  – Gas Chlorinator
  •  – Capsule Chlor by capacity 65-1000 kg
  •  – Vacuum Regulator
  •  – Injector
  •  – One Part Valves
  •  – Picture Pump
  •  – And other tools include Valves
  •  – Control Panel