Usage Case

 – Industrial Water Treatment

Technique Specification of Degasifier

 For the reason of existence different of Deaerator type, only we express type of Deaerator that Colorab Company produce.

Type of Deaerator:

  •   – Feed one neutral gas in process and deleting on bother gas
  •  – Making Vacuum
  •  – Increasing Heat Energy and Substitute Thermal Deaerator

Technique Specification of Dearator:

Deaerator machine that Colorab Company produce be equipped to under equipment:

 Vacuum and Pressure control systemDistributor water lows for purpose of increasing surface of touch
 Feed steam control systemsTower& Pipes guided steam to be made of S.ST
 Optic control systemsIncreasing the temperature of water to the boiling point part
Nonconductor coat for purpose of decreasing Heat  Energy Making Torbolant part
Internal & External coat machine by use of ant moisture colorsHeat control system
 Surface water control system